Dickhead G: Kim Jong Ray Davis

- “Comedian”

Dear Kim Jong Ray,

A wise woman once said “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” (Evelyn Beatrice Hall, 1906). This is the essence of free speech and one of the founding principles of the democracy in which we live.

People are allowed to disagree in a democracy. No matter how different someone's opinion is from yours, they still have the right to that opinion. For example, you believe that if a comedian makes a poor taste rape joke on TV, young people in their hordes might rush out and enact it. Whereas I think if a joke is in poor taste, people will simply not laugh and the joke will fail, and no mass violation of orifices will ensue.

You worry that if we don't have censorship, rape jokes will start appearing in Christmas crackers and that the BNP or UKIP will get their own TV channel. So what? Don't watch it. That's another choice we have in a democracy, to NOT watch or listen to something. And that's what the block button is for on Facebook, so no one has to be subjected to a nasty, belligerent maniac repeatedly posting about rape on their timeline on Christmas Day. On CHRISTMAS DAY you piece of shit!

Once we go down the path of censorship, who gets to decide what's right and wrong? You? And where does it stop? Who draws the line? Wasn't it infuriating when I decided which of your posts could and couldn't appear on my timeline? You felt like you weren't being heard and you were beside yourself! Perhaps the irony was lost on you that it was censorship making you as angry as a prodded wasp.

I've heard the arguments for censoring Dapper Laughs. Dozens of times and from intelligent people. From people with an education that can use punctuation, unlike you. I just don't agree, which is your cue to go away.

I have noticed that you and some of the other self-righteous moral crusaders look like the sort of people who pay for sex. Is that what worries you Kim Jong Ray? That the potential rapist lurking inside you could be triggered by a joke? Maybe you're just trying to protect women from yourself, like Bruce Banner avoiding anger.

I also take exception to your baseless accusations implying that I think rape is funny. Where did I say anything like that Kim Jong Ray? How did one plus one come to equal seventeen? I guess when you're a seething vacuum of hate hunched over a keyboard, it can be difficult to see things logically. Or maybe the person you normally get your arguments from wasn't available and you had trouble constructing this one all by your little bitty witty self :(

You seem to style yourself as some sort of argument master but you’ve confused this with just being argumentative. Here's some words other professional comedians used when they messaged me about you: 'malicious', 'prick', 'a cunt', 'vindictive', 'petty', 'belligerent', 'nasty' and 'piss poor open spot'. You've certainly made an impression on the comedy community my friend, and thanks to me, a lot more people are going to know your name.

I added one more word to that list myself - sociopath. I use Facebook like most people, to stay in touch with family and friends which is important to me as I live abroad. You, however, trawl Facebook in your underpants looking for an argument. And the reason so many real comedians have blocked you is because you don't know when to stop, a bit like a rapist.

I heard your argument and I told you mine. I don't agree with yours. Not now and no matter how many times you repeat it. If we were having the conversation in pub, I would have firmly told you to back off after your 20th comment. The ten comments after that would have earned you a punch in the face, which is clearly something you haven't experienced enough.

I was born in the seventies Kim Jong Ray, so I'm a little old school. When I grew up, we didn't hide behind keyboards taunting and bullying other people because they didn't agree with us - we did it to their face. So if you're going to continue to make vile accusations about what I find funny, come and say it to my face. It will save me a trip to a toilet with seven other 'comedians' in it where you're performing. Maybe I can heckle you with what I think your opinion should be, twenty or thirty times. But if I did that, people would think that I'm a nasty, belligerent, little sociopath, wouldn't they?


Pete Jonas